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We will promote your competitivenessas your creative partner.

Hephzibah Co., Ltd. was established in 1986 and starting with the export of electric controllers, we have now created the global brand “Airrex” ranked No. 1 in
domestic market share and No. 3 in global market share, with the portable air conditioner developed in 1993.

Performing the key technology development project of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy successfullyas part of business diversification strategies from 2009,
we have succeeded in commercializing new renewable energy products. We have now shaping the future of clean energy through the design and construction of
solar/wind power inverters and hybrid generation systems.

With the establishment of 3D Solution Division for sustainable growth in 2012,we launched the 3D solution brand Veltz 3D, which will promote customers’ competitiveness as their creative partner keeping pace with the global trend in the industry focusing on convergence by expanding relevant contents businesses.